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The Friendly Streets Initiative is based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota and facilitates community organizing through creative public engagement events. We assist communities in visioning for positive change to public spaces, collect and analyze data, and help neighbors navigate city planning processes.


News & Announcements

Our first big event of the Year — June 9 Rondo Land Bridge Party!

October 8 Creative Frogtown Arts Festival featuring WikiBlock!

The Victoria Theater on University Ave. is being revitalized into an active community and performance space for the Frogtown community and its neighbors. On October 8th, 2016 the Victoria Theater Arts Initiative and neighborhood groups constructed a pop-up performance space in the lot next door as part of the Creative Frogtown Arts Festival.  This event featured local artists, activists, and neighbors giving life to the site.




Recent events:

September 8th Slow Roll: Victoria Theater WikiBlock Sneak Peak
September 18th Friendly Front Yards with the Musicant Group

friendly fronts flyer03-color_1

More info at friendlyfronts.com


September 24th Community @ Work: Event at Lexington Bridge

Community At Work Lexington 9.24 Event

Join us for arts engagement, games, food, and entertainment celebrating the “Dignity of Work” core value assigned to the Lexington bridge over 94 by the Rondo community.

There will be make-and-take projects as well as a community sculpture, a temporary mural, and a mobile art museum. Come early for the book give-away and don’t miss excerpts from the new play “Highwaymen” by Josh Wilder about the history of I-94’s construction and impact on the Rondo community. With a desire for more livability improvements around the Lexington bridge, this event will encourage participants to navigate the bridge with pedestrian flags and rethink our community’s connectedness across the highway.

Community @ Work is made possible by the Friendly Streets Initiative in parternship with the Lexington-Hamline Community Council, Concordia University Department of Art and Design, and the Union Park District Council with funding from Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, Knight Foundation, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Special thanks to Rondo Ave Inc, Saint Paul Parks and Rec, CommonBond, History Theatre, Summit University Planning Council, ARTS-Us, CSP Pep Band, and Pizza Lucé.

Parklet at Plaza Latina

parklet at plaza latino

Parklet on Payne, but what’s a ‘parklet?’ by Marjorie Otto, LillieNews


We’re excited to announce the launch of StoryBlocks, a storytelling project led by FSI intern Michael Curran that challenges neighbors to envision change to their blocks. It’s all about finding alternative ways to collect community perspective in order to develop more nuanced understandings of what our communities are, and what we want to become. Stories here!

Recent Press Articles

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7.6.16 – St. Paul effort seeks to make front yards welcoming places by James Walsh, Star Tribune

7.14.16 – Connecting in the Front Yard, Pioneer Press Editorial

7.21.16 – Building community “one front yard at a time” by Michelle Bruch, Southwest Journal

8.21.16 – Parklet on Payne, but what’s a ‘parklet?’ by Marjorie Otto, LillieNews

8.22.2016 – Friendly Streets: Bottom-Up St. Paul Project changes the way people look at their city by Jay Walljasper, MinnPost, excerpted from Jay Walljasper’s new book, “America’s Walking Renaissance.”

8.29.16 – St. Paul neighbors learning to get acquainted in their front yards by Tad Vezner, St. Paul Pioneer Press

9.28.16 — Friendly Streets:  Bottom-Up St. Paul Project changes the way people look at their city by Jay Walljasper, The Line, excerpted from Jay Walljasper’s new book, “America’s Walking Renaissance.”