robynbioPhoto by David Davies

Robyn Hendrix, Artist Organizer

Robyn grew up rollerskating up and down her street, covering the sidewalks with chalk art, making up giant board games on the floor and fake radio commercials on her Fischer Price tape recorder (okay, those were mostly the babysitter’s idea), catching praying mantises and butterflies, collecting Mountain Ash berries, and learning to draw from Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station on PBS. Life, family and learning have taken her from Vermont to Australia, Washington State, Minnesota, Ecuador, the Cook Islands, Australia again, and back to Minnesota where she now resides in Saint Paul. Robyn has a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Carleton College, and was a 2013 fellow with the Intermedia Arts Creative Community Leadership Institute. She previously served as a Board Member and Exhibitions Committee Co-Chair for the Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota. She has volunteered and house managed for the Minnesota Fringe Festival for eight years. In 2013 giant games and sidewalk chalk re-asserted their roles in her life with the creation of The Land of Parcheesopoly: an evolving, life-sized sidewalk chalk board game played in the street with giant brightly colored duct tape dice. She also paints quirky abstract watercolors and often teaches preschool when she’s not busy bringing artists together in playful, community-minded ways. Robyn first became involved with Friendly Streets as as a Springboard for the Arts artist in 2011. She collaborated with two drama therapists to create pLaYMaGinAtiON sPaCE at three of the Charles Avenue Friendly Streets Initiative block parties. She now coordinates social media for Irrigate Arts in addition to the new Artist Organizer role she jumped into with us this April. For more information on the Artist Organizer model, click here or here.