Dale current conditions

As part of our Better Bridges efforts, Friendly Streets will be participating in the Dale Street Project, a partnership underway between the ​Summit-University Planning Council, the Frogtown Neighborhood Association, the District Councils Collaborative, and Ramsey County. This project is building off of the DCC’s work on Green Line Walkability and the Dale Street Pedestrian Demonstration Project to prepare for construction on Dale and a new Dale Street bridge over I-94 in the next few years.

We presented some introductory community visioning and engagement activities for the Dale Street bridge over I-94 at the June 19th Community Peace Celebration, 2-6pm at the Ober Center in St. Paul (photos below). More info on the Dale Street Project is coming soon, please visit the project website to sign up for the newsletter.


View more photos of the Peace Celebration on our blog!

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