The Fairview Underpass beneath I-94 emerged as a key area of both concern and potential in our 2014 project addressing all of Fairview from Summit to Pierce Butler. The Fairview Underpass Party on October 25, 2014 brought more than 370 people together in one of the most uninviting, underused public spaces in the city to share their bright ideas, eat delicious wood fired pizza, experience five unique art projects, test out a temporary protected bike lane, and make s’more’s together around three pop up campfires. Our second Underpass Party in October of 2015 was another big hit, including the unveiling of a special temporary creative lighting installation.

As part of our Better Bridges work adding to the Fairview Avenue project, Friendly Streets worked with Kyle Waites of We Lighting LLC on a temporary pilot installation of creative lighting in the Fairview Avenue underpass beneath I-94. The installation ran from mid October until January 11th 2016 in the pedestrian area on the western side. We unveiled and celebrated the lights at our 2nd Fairview Underpass Party October 24th.

Our online survey for this installation is now closed; thanks to all who shared your insights. Your feedback will help Friendly Streets, Union Park District Council, the City of St. Paul and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, to evaluate this pilot project. Results from this combined with the larger Fairview Avenue project report will help neighborhood and city leaders decide whether to pursue options for a more complete, permanent creative lighting on both sidewalk areas someday in the future.



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