The Pelham bridge over I-94 connects St. Anthony Park and Desnoyer Park neighborhoods. It is a part of St. Paul’s Grand Round scenic byway and is included in Mayor Coleman’s 8-80 Cities Vitality Fund to complete Grand Round bike path construction in the next few years. This bridge is also a part of our larger project on Pelham Boulevard which begun in 2013.

Take a look at our Pelham Boulevard – Golden Mile project page and read updates on Pelham on our blog.

Saint Paul Grand Round Planning

The City of Saint Paul is now began engagement and planning earlier this year for several sections of the Grand Round, including Friendly Streets project areas along Pelham Boulevard and the Raymond Station Area. As part of the 8-80 Initiative, this project will increase activity and vitality on our streets and public spaces by continuing the vision set forth for the Saint Paul Grand Round over 125 years ago by completing a bicycle and pedestrian loop that encircles the city. Two Friendly Streets project working group members were appointed to the Community Advisory Committee and the FSI Pelham Reports and additional information we collected last year are being incorporated into the design process. Consulting firms involved in the design process will present a draft of a master plan for the Grand Round in late fall of 2015. Visit for more information.

Other recommended resources:

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Cycle track on Pelham
Temporary cycle track on Pelham at the 2013 Friendly Streets Pelham Palooza

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