Friendly Streets Initiative is partnering with The Musicant Group to implement the Friendly Fronts project, a Knight Cities challenge winner.

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The Friendly Fronts project is an initiative to help residents transform their front yards into places that they use and enjoy. In transforming your front yard into a place that you want to be, participants will:

  • Meet more of their neighbors
  • Build community
  • Enhance neighborhood safety
  • Have fun!

Project Basics

  • Who:  Friendly Streets Initiative, The Musicant Group, and Residents of Rondo and Hamline-Midway Neighborhoods
  • Where: Saint Paul’s Rondo, Frogtown and Hamline-Midway neighborhoods
  • When: June-September 2016

Why is the Friendly Fronts Project Happening?

Our physical environment plays a huge role in our ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships with those we live with and near. Our front lawns are often vacant spaces, but they don’t have to be! With a grant from the Knight Foundation, the Friendly Fronts will help you and your neighbors bring the fun from the backyard to the front and in turn create more opportunities to socialize, create community, and have fun.

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