The Friendly Streets Initiative partnered with the Union Park District Council to create a block party event on Hague Avenue (one block south of Selby) on June 7th, 2014.

FSI stepped up its full-scale demonstrations of placemaking and traffic calming to a new level for this event, creating a temporary parklet, parking space rain garden, and a 45′ long diverter. Neighbors used the gallery of images, surveys and demos to discuss and weigh in on traffic calming ideas for their streets. We enjoyed live music from three bands coordinated by Cadenza Music, delicious free food provided by Whole Foods and DQ, and basketball and painting in the street.  Uncommon Gardens provided materials to help us demonstrate the rain garden and parklet.  Hague Avenue is full of creativity, energy, and ingenuity (AND fairy gardens, art trees and solar panels!). FSI is delighted to contribute to the ongoing conversation about how to maintain and enhance the strong connections and local resources already present in this community.

Read the UPDC and FSI Hague Avenue Project Report!



This project is funded by the Union Park District Council.