The Friendly Streets Initiative employs a variety of creative and interactive methods and tools to engage neighbors in conversation, brainstorming and debate about the future of their streets and other public space in their community.


Gallery of Images

Partygoers use post-its to give their opinion on a variety of street infrastructure treatments and placemaking ideas. Green = Yay! Yellow = Maybe. Pink = No thanks. The images presented at each event are customized to the needs, interests and opportunities of the neighborhood. These images are also referenced in the more formal paper survey residents fill out. At present, FSI has a stock of over 70 images representing a wide array of concepts. More can be created based on neighborhood needs. Typically neighborhood partners select about twenty images to display.


Large-scale Neighborhood Maps

Big maps of the area give event attendees a birds’ eye view of the surrounding area as an additional format to collect ideas and concerns and generate discussion.

Customized and Partner/Artist-Led Brainstorming

Partner organizations and artists contributing projects and activities at our events often incorporate community participation or engagement activities on topics relevant to them and the local area. We work to incorporate these additional community expressions into the broader conversation about public space in the neighborhoods we serve.