Friendly Streets is partnering with Team Better Block, on the Victoria Theater WikiBlock Project, a Knight Green Line Challenge winner. We are working off the wiki­house model to develop a series of snap ­together placemaking elements to use in current and future projects. Possible options may include printable parklets, cafe seating, bike lane buffers, planters, and more. This fall, in partnership with Victoria Theater and the Frogtown Neighborhood Association, we will use designs printed and cut out from CNC Routers at a St. Paul-based fab lab to transform the empty lot next to Ryan Plumbing on University Avenue into an active performance space, mimicking the nearby Victoria Theater. Save the date for October 8th when WikiBlock will be part of the Frogtown Arts Festival.

Want to get involved?  Join our Community Builders Group!  Are you a kid or a teen, and like to work with software and build models? Contact Lars at:

vic th wikibuild

This project incorporates engaging local youth and community members in St. Paul with educational seminars and hands-on workshops to learn about CNC Routers and 3D printing, and engagement about desired printable infrastructure that could improve the neighborhood.